5 Activities To Do With Dying Flowers

Besides Valentines Day, Mothers Day is one of the most popular days for Mum’s to receive flowers! So what do you do with the flowers post Mothers Day when they start looking old & sad? Don’t throw them out just yet! Here’s 5 Activities with Dying Flowers post Mothers Day.

Cut the flowers off their stems, leaving 1-2cm of stem to use as a handle (ensure there are no thorns).

Then divide into 5 groups for the 5 activities.

1. Dissecting & Exploring Flowers

This activity can be as simple as flowers on a tray for young Toddlers to pull apart & explore. For older Toddlers & Preschoolers, try including some dissecting tools to further explore the flowers. Tools you can include could be scissors, magnifying glass, tweezers, paper & pencils, &/or little cups to seperate & sort.

2. Flower Sensory Soup / Tea / Perfume

Fill a large bucket or tub with water & throw in a portion of petals – you can use the petals from the previous activity or include the crushed petals from Activity #4 for colour & scent. Include whatever utensils you like, we opted for spoons, a whisk & cups. Once the cups were included, Mr3 made me multiple “Fruit Latte’s” – delicious!

3. Crushing Petals with a Mortar & Pestle

This is a great activity for working on hand & arm muscles as well as cause & effect, such as releasing stronger aromas through crushing the petals.

4. DIY Water Paint with Crushed Flowers & Water

Crush petals into a paste with a mortar and pestle. The more you crush, the deeper the water colour will be. Add water and continue crushing until you are happy with the colour! This also makes lovely scented paper! Once you are finished painting, you can add the leftovers to your Sensory Soup / Tea / Perfume.

5. Painting with Flowers

Use the flowers as paintbrushes and print with the leaves, stems, & body of the flower. You could also add glue to your paint & stick the petals across your artwork. This simple invitation to create is a great way to preserve your Mother’s Day flowers!

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