Balloon Dart Painting

Balloon dart painting is a fun way (if a little messy!) to have a creative activity with your kids. It combines bright colours and the fun of random action to create a unique abstract painting.

A list of the items needed:

  • Balloons
  • Balloon pump
  • Washable paint
  • Darts
  • Some form of board, canvas or other.
  • Push pins
  • A large cloth to contain the mess that will result.

Given the nature of the objects used (darts) it should be considered suitable for only older children. But, in fact, some of the posts featured below demonstrate that this is a craft experience that can be fun for adults as well!

Balloon Dart Painting as a Date Night Activity

What a great idea for a date night. In this instance it arose out of looking for something to do during lockdown but could be perfect for anyone looking for a creative activity for a date night.

Stay at home Date night: Dart Painting at it’s finest via Stephanie Leigh Photo Design

Balloon Dart Painting With Kids

This looks like a fun way to get the kids involved in a creative process. With the chance to get a bit messy at the same time.

Balloon Dart Painting With Kids via Hello Wonderful

DIY Balloon Splatter Painting

And here’s an example of balloon dart painting with older “kids”! This was apparently inspired by The Princess Diaries.

DIY Balloon Splatter Painting via Karen Kavett

Balloon Dart Painting for a Hen Party

Another example of grown-up Balloon dart painting – as an activity at a hen do. Apparently a hilarious game that the bride-to-be gets a memento from to keep.

Balloon Dart Painting for a Hen Party via henparty.ie

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