Have Fun With Cotton Round Splatter Painting

You may have seen these Cotton Round Splatter Painting images on various websites as it very popular with our youngest kids. Messy motor process art that is impossible to resist! WARNING it’s highly addictive!

As you can imagine, it is VERY messy! Remember to wear an old top and more importantly use Washable Kids Paint! To make it more fun, before going in for the swing, we predicted which colour would splat from under each cotton round.

This activity is super easy to set up and once dry you’re left with a real talking piece of art! Try it on canvas and add a pop of colour to your home!

Watch this short video from Storypark and you will soon get the idea of how it works.

What you will need

  • Washable kids paint
  • Rubber mallet
  • Large sheets of paper
  • Cotton rounds

How cotton round splatter painting works

Step 1. Lay out a large sheet of paper, ensuring you cover a large area. Things are about to get real messy!

Step 2. Place blobs of paint (about half the size of the cotton round) over the paper and cover each blob with a cotton round.

Step 3. Now comes the fun part! Swing your mallet and smack it into the cotton round!

Step 4. Once you’re finished, remove the cotton rounds and allow to dry. Now you’re ready to hang your splatter masterpiece!

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