Making a Felt Button Chain

This is an inexpensive craft for little ones that are easy to make and can be used to teach about colours while helping to develop fine motor skills.

You need:

  • Large buttons
  • Pieces of craft felt
  • Needle and thread

To make them:

To make them:

Step 1. With a few cross stitches, sew a button to one end of each strip of felt.

Step 2. Cut a vertical button hole at the other end of each strip of felt.

DIY Felt Button Chain

Once made then have fun with them with your child, linking them and going through the colour names.

DIY Felt Button Chain via Tips From A Typical Mom

Felt Button Chain Kit

If you fancy short cutting the process of acquiring the materials then go for a ready-made kit.

Felt Button Chain via Therapy Busy Box

Quiet Activity For Kids

A more detailed set of instructions here.

Felt Button Chain Quiet Activity For Kids via Kids Activities

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