Competitive Fun With Washi Tape Dominos

Washi Tape Dominos!

Have you ever made your own dominos? Its actually a lot easier than you’d think! A few years ago we made Paddle Pop Stick Dominos – they were a hit! Only problem being, we had to wait for the paint to dry… and thats not fun for anyone!

So we created another set, only this time theres no waiting for paint to dry! Meaning you can start playing straight away!

Washi Tape Dominos with just 2 supplies & 2 steps! It’s literally that easy! 

To make your own Washi Tape Dominos,

You Need

Washi Tape

Paddle Pop Stick

To Make

Step 1. Cut or tear small pieces of Washi Tape.

Step 2. Wrap one piece of Washi Tape around one end of the paddle pop stick, and another colour/pattern on the other end.

Washi Tape & Craft Sticks Dominos

A fun and easy-to-understand game which has educational value as well. Follow the link below for excellent instructions.

Washi Tape & Craft Sticks Dominoes via Teach Me Mommy

Homemade Dominoes Kids’ Craft and Game DIY

No washi tape with this one but a variety of ways to make the dominos work.

Homemade Dominoes Kids’ Craft and Game via In The Bag

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