Story Sones: How to Make and Play

Story stones are a collection of stones that can be used to represent places, objects, characters or events. When put together they can be used by or with children to tell a story.

The stones can be put together in a particular order to tell a story or they can be picked at random to create a story on the fly. as you will see from the examples below there are many ways to create the stones and use them, so select those that suit your circumstances best.

To give you a head start, the white stones from Baker Ross are ideal, or pick up the kit from National Geographic that includes paints and stickers as well.

Homemade Story Stones

This is a great resource for learning how to make and use story stones. It describes how to use the stones as story telling aids, for creative play, and for learning to sort and group.

Homemade Story Stones via Happy Hooligans

How to Make Story Stones

This resource s delves deeper into the making of the stones and decorating them so that they can be used in story telling.

How to Make Story Stones via Little Lifelong Learners

23 Story Stone Ideas

Once you have your story stones you will want to get maximum use from them and this site comes up with 23 ideas for doing just that.

23 Simple Story Stone Ideas via Kids Activities

A New Way to Use Story Stones

Using story stones with children can be a very flexible activity that is only limited by your imagination. The addition of a background, for example, gives a whole new layer to the creativity that is possible.

A New Way to Use Story Stones via Little Pine Learners

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